MAST10012 Introduction to Maths

Recommend? No, but invaluable for most with no pre-tertiary maths

Available as breadth? Yes

Despite the name, this subject is still difficult. It breezes through typical content from high school curriculums from year 7 to 12 in three short months. If you have not studied any maths from ~3 years, you may have to devote a little extra time. But don’t quit, don’t resign yourself. some tips from past students include: there is great support at the university, seek it early. There is an Academic Support Unit to help you with class content and study skills. Calculators as a no-go so up your mental arithmetic. Buddy up with others in your class and study together- it’s much more efficient provided you stay on topic. It’s more is a slow burn than a sprint, so stay on top of the work and doing assignments early is more useful than in most subjects here. It sounds like too much effort, but if maths is a pre-requisite for anything you might be vaguely interested in as a major, you’re better off doing it now than leaving it and settling for a different major.