Mid-Semester Break Wrap Up

UMSU never sleeps… Many of your office bearers have been hard at work in the office this week- there was even some outrage at the fact Union House was closed on Tuesday, leaving us locked out of our offices and away from our precious work (I for one enjoyed answering emails in my dressing gown at home, and will be incorporating the dressing gown into my everyday office routine).

This quiet week has been a great chance to catch up on emails that sometimes slip through the cracks- if you ever want to contact me, the best way to get in touch is r.withers@union.unimelb.edu.au.

This week I got some solid planning done for the Week 7 Student Forum on the new future Union House space. You should seem some posters (which look great and were not made in Paint thanks to the UMSU Communications Department) going up around campus next week for it, as well as a Facebook event to come. I have invited a few members of the University Steering Group to this event, so that you can direct some of your “what does this mean/why is this happening??” questions at them. Vanessa Campbell who is in charge of securing more varied type of student accommodation for and around the University will also be joining us to give a run down on this project. Remember this is on Wednesday 22nd April at 5pm in Union Theatre.


I also had some discussions around Volunteering Programs, and Volunteering in general within UMSU. Students are always asking how they can do more volunteering, and we’re trying to to bring this side of the Union to life. Look out for directorship roles and opportunities over the coming weeks.

Diversity Week will also be coming back this year! We’re currently deciding which week to lock it in for, but if you’re interested in being involved in the planning and running of Diversity Week, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

I also wrote OB Reports, read financial reports, uncovered an issue with an Academic Misconduct Hearing I will be hearing on Monday and did many other mundane tasks (IN BETWEEN ALL THE EXCITING ONES).

It’s been sad not having everyone on campus, but I’m looking forward to next week- from E*Week (Engineering Week) to a Birdwatching Society movie screening to trivia nights to pub nights to Pirates Cruise to Masters Ball to a Life Size Cluedo Picnic, next weeks is going to be just a little bit hectic!

Events, as always, can be found here. See you at an event or 5!