More cuts to education, and radio silence on WAM from UniMelb — 10 August 2020

Hannah Buchan, President

Jack Buksh, General Secretary

The University loves to say that students are at the heart of everything they do yet for the last couple of weeks they’ve simply shown us that isn’t the case.

We ended last week with the University announcing yet another cut to education, in that they’re firing 450 of our staff.

Staff working conditions are student learning conditions — they’re one and the same. Whenever the University guts our education resources and staff that has a direct impact on how we learn and how we operate. It means larger class sizes, fewer subjects, and less diversity in our education.

We don’t understand why the University does this, and it’s ridiculous. It can’t be done.

Students are quite frankly sick and tired of not feeling supported this semester. Last week we were told that we would be receiving an announcement about how the WAM (Weighted Average Mark) was going to be calculated for semester two, but we still don’t know anything.

UMSU is calling on the University to make a decision immediately and extend the WAM amnesty to semester two. Additionally, we’re calling on the University to provide more flexibility with the fee deadline for fee paying students, and provide an extension to the financial support for any students that need it.

UMSU is always going to be fighting for your rights as students, and you can get involved in the fight too.

Make sure to contact UMSU Advocacy and Legal if you have any issues at all.

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