MUSI20164 Free Play, Music Improvisation Ensemble

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? Yes

If what you’re looking for is a Jazz class or learning about improvisation techniques, this subject is not for you. This subject focuses on “sounding” rather than playing your instrument/voice, and your relationship with sound, space and other musicians in both a sound, and physical sense.

The teacher, Ren, is a great guy who doesn’t have a plan for the semester- he sees where the semester takes the class.

This is an extremely chill class, really cool and eye opening, and you do feel a lot more relaxed after a class. Oh you also freak a lot of people out in the class performance at the end of semester, which is fun.

Assessment-wise, it’s terrible. You are given no guidelines on how to write the “Improvisation Review” but I’m sure if you asked it would be fine!