curb stomp

New Comics – February 2016

  • Attack on titan Vol.17 by Hajime Isayama CO ATT
  • The unbeatable squirrel girl Vol.2: Squirrel You Know It’s True by  Ryan North CO UNB
  • Poet Anderson: Dream walker by Tom Delonge CO DEL
  • His favorite Vol.1 by Suzuki Tanaka CO HIS
  • Lumberjanes Vol.2: Beware the kitten holy by Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis CO LUM
  • Ms Marvel Vol.2: Generation why by G. Willow Wilson CO WIL
  • Lazarus Vol.4 by Greg Rucka CO RUC
  • Attack on titan: Before the fall Vol.6 by Ryō Suzukaze CO ATT
  • Bill & Ted’s excellent comic book archive by Evan Dorkin CO DOR
  • Adventure time Vol.7 by Ryan North & Pendleton Ward CO ADV
  • Alex + Ada Vol.3 by Sarah Vaughn CO ALE
  • Curb Stomp Vol.1 by Ryan Ferrier CO CUR
  • Deadpool Vol.6 : Original Sin by Gerry Duggan & Brian Poshen CO DEA
  • Bleach Vol.33 by Tite kubo CO KUB
  • Catwoman: A celebration of 75 years CO CAT