lil poopy superstar

New Comics – January 2019

  • The adventures of TinTin Vol.2, Vol 4 & Vol.6 (multiple stories per volume) by Herge CO HER
  • The sandman overture by Neil Gaiman CO GAI
  • Dumb: living without a voice by Georgia Webber CO WEB
  • Saga Vol.9 by Brian K. Vaughan CO SAG
  • Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman CO GAI
  • Runaways. best friends forever vol.2 by Rainbow Rowell CO RUN
  • Rick & Morty Vol.8 by Kyle Starks, Tini Howard & Josh Trujillo CO RIC
  • The wicked + the divine mothering invention, vol 7 by Keiron Gillen CO WIC
  • Aquicorn cove by Kate O’Neil CO ONE
  • Rick & Morty lil’ poopy superstar by Sarah Graley CO RIC
  • My brother’s husband vol.2 by Gengoroh Tagame CO MYB
  • My solo exchange diary Vol.1 by Kabi Nagata CO KAB
  • No mercy vol.3 by Alex de Campi and Carla Speed McNeil CO NOM
  • Attack on titan Vol.24 Hajime Isayama CO ATT
  • America. fast and fuertona Vol.2 by Gabby Rivera CO AME
  • The unbeatable squirrel girl. Squirrels fall like dominoes Vol.9 by Ryan North CO UNB
  • Lumberjanes. On a roll Vol.9 by Shannon Watters CO LUM
  • The mighty Thor. The war Thor Vol.4 by Jason Aaron CO THO
  • Superman. Hopes and fears Vol.5 by Peter J. Thomasi CO SUP
  • Harley Quinn. Angry bird Vol.6 by Frank Tieri CO HAR
  • The unbelievable Gwenpool. believe it Vol.1 (replacement) Christopher Hastings CO UNB
  • Wonder woman. Godwatch vol.4 by Greg Ruka CO WON
  • Batman. Bride or burglar? Vol.6 by Tom King CO BAT
  • Tekkonkinkreet :black and white : all in one by Taiyo Matsumoto CO MAT
  • To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee CO LEE