ladykiller vol 2

New Comics – May 2018

  • Bitch planet triple feature book 1 by Kelly Sue Deconnick & Valentine De Landro CO BIT
  • Princess princess ever after by Kate O’Neill CO ONE
  • Ms Marvel Vol.8 Mecca by G. Willow Wilson CO MSM
  • Brazen: rebel ladies who rocked the world by Penelope Bagieu CO BAG
  • Walking dead Vol.29. lines we cross by Robert Kirkman CO WAL
  • Junji ito’s cat diary : Yon & Mu bu Junji Ito CO ITO
  • Even more bad parenting advice by Guy Delisle CO DEL
  • Saga vol.8 by Brian K. Vaughan CO SAG
  • Rick & Morty Vol 3 & 4 by Various CO RIC
  • Giant days Vol.6 by John Allison CO GIA
  • Lady Killer Vol.2 by Joelle Jones CO LAD
  • Black panther and the crew. We are the streets by Ta-Nehisi Coates CO BLA
  • Goldie Vance vol.3 by Hope Larson & Jackie Ball CO GOL
  • Gotham academy vol.3 yearbook by Brenden Fletcher CO GOT
  • Plutona by Emi Lenox & Jeff Lemire CO LEN
  • The unbeatable squirrel girl vol. 7 I’ve been waiting for a squirrel like you by Ryan North  CO UNB
  • Lumberjanes Vol.7 a bird’s-eye view by Shannon Watters CO LUM
  • The unbelievable gwenpool vol.3 totally in continuity by Christopher Hastings CO UNB
  • Faith vol.4 the faithless by Jody Houser CO FAI