party girls die in pearls

New Crime – September 2017

  • Justice by Sarah Ciacia A820 CIA
  • Craven by Melanie Casey A820 CAS
  • A murder unmentioned by Sulari Gentill A820 GEN
  • The unfortunate victim by Greg Pyres A820 PYE
  • Camino island by John Grisham 810 GRI
  • Two nights by Kathy Reichs 810 REI
  • Party girls die in pearls by Plum Skykes 820 SYK
  • Curious minds by Janet Evanovich & Pheof Sutton 810 EVA
  • The strange disappearance of a bollywood star by Vaseem Khan 810 KHA
  • The student by Iain Ryan A820 RYA
  • Final girls by Riley Sager 810 SAG
  • Offline by Anne Holt 839.82 HOL
  • The good daughter by Karin Slaughter 810 SLA
  • Her by Gary Disher A820 DIS
  • The four legendary kingdoms by Matthew Reilly A820 REI
  • And fire came down by Emma Viskic A820 VIS
  • IQ by Joe Ide 810 IDE