The beautiful struggle

New Non-Fiction – April 2016

  • Cherry : a memoir by Mary Karr 924 KAR
  • The beautiful struggle : A memoir by Ta-Nehisi Coates 927 COA
  • The lady in the van by Alan Bennet 927 BEN
  • The life changing magic of not giving a f**k by Sarah Knight 158.1 KNI
  • Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran 070.92
  • The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz by Aaron Swartz 302.231 SWA
  • The Road to Ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin Destroyed Their Own Government by Niki Savva 324.29405 SAV
  • The World Beyond Your Head: How to Flourish in an Age of Distraction by Matthew Crawford 153.733 CRA
  • The sick bag song by Nick Cave 782.4213 CAV
  • Talking to my country by Stan Grant 305.89915 GRA
  • Faction man: Bill Shorten’s path to power by David Marr 324.29407 MAR
  • Enemy: A daughter’s story of how her father brought the Vietnam war home by Ruth Clare 616.85212 CLA
  • The simple home: A month-by-month guide by Rhonda Hetzel 640 HET
  • Road Series by Hugo Race 789.6 RAC
  • Changing Minds: The Go-to Guide to Mental Health for You, Family and Friends by Dr Mark Cross & Dr Catherine Hanrahan 616.89 CRO