Promoter FAQs

Interested in promoting during orientation with the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU)? Here are some important pieces of information that you’ll need to keep in mind.

If you still need to make a booking, please read over the information below and click here when you’re ready to get started.

What are the big days for SummerFest (Oweek) at the University of Melbourne?

The biggest days on the festival program attract upwards of 8,000 attendees. These events include:

  • Carnival Day (Tuesday 26 February) hosts a sprawling carnival on the University’s South Lawn, featuring fun games and activities, live music, interactive experiences and dozens of marquees showcasing UMSU’s various departments.
  • Clubs Days (Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 February) are two fun-packed days where a huge selection of our 200+ student clubs and societies are on show. These are among the busiest days on the UMSU calendar.
  • Band, Beers and BBQ (Tuesday 5 March) events are a popular tradition at the uni, with free food, soft drinks, alcohol and live music from some of the country’s hottest acts. It always draws a crowd and we’ll be kicking off the 2019 semester with one of our biggest performers for the year.
What other days are available?

There are still plenty of promotional opportunities available throughout the festival program. We’ll be coordinating activities all throughout Week 1 of semester in Union House, North Court and on Concrete Lawn (University Plaza).

When do I need to book by?

Booking forms must be received by Thursday 31 JanuaryPayment must be received to secure your place and no bookings are confirmed until you have received notice from UMSU. Click here to make a booking online.

Will I have to bring my own marquee?

Marquees are included in the booking fee. Should you wish to bring your own, please let us know at the time of booking. Promoters who bring their own marquee must ensure it is securely weighted without the use of pegs/stakes.

What time do I need to be there?

Carnival Day and Clubs Days are officially open between 11am-3pm. Stallholders must bump in between 9-10.30am. Bump out begins at 3pm and must be completed by 4.30pm.

Can I bring a vehicle?

There is limited access for unloading, but there is no free parking on campus. After unloading, you will need to ensure that any vehicles are moved on. Paid parking is available nearby off-campus and all costs are worn by the promoter. Click here for more information on nearby parking spaces.

There is no direct vehicle access to the site. Promoters will need to organise their own transportation of goods from the unloading area to the event site – trolleys are not supplied. If you require ramp access for large items or deliveries, please let us know as this must be organised in advance.

Is there an available power supply at the event?

Power is available at an additional $50 per day – please include information about your power requirements at the time of booking. All leads must be tested and tagged.

Can I “roam” or promote outside of my allocated space?

Roaming promotions are not permitted at SummerFest. Staff will be on-site to ensure promoters stay within their allocated area.

What does the demographic at University of Melbourne look like?

Here is a 2018 Quick Facts PDF from the Uni that gives you an overview of the main demographic splits:

I’ve booked a Facebook post. What do I need to provide?

We’ll need the caption that you want to include (around 30 words), the hyperlink/URL and a picture to go along with it. Images should be square, at least 900 pixels wide. Try to minimise any text on your image – use something that students will engage with!

We currently have a Facebook reach of 26k + (as of Jan 2019)

I’ve booked a newsletter/e-news spot. What do I need to provide?

Please include your caption/text (up to 40 words), the hyperlink/URL and a picture to go along with it. Images can be square or rectangular, but will not be displayed wider than 670 pixels.