Interested in promoting with the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU)?  

Here are some important pieces of information that you’ll need to keep in mind. 

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Promoter FAQs 2021 

I’ve booked an online promotion. What do I need to provide? 

The following collateral is required 2 weeks prior to promotion date:  


  • Proposed copy (70 words maximum) 
  • Landscape rectangular image (670 pixels wide and 400 pixels high) 
  • Optional website and/or Facebook page link 


  • Proposed copy (70 words maximum) 
  • Landscape rectangular image (670 pixels wide and 400 pixels high) 
  • Optional website link  

Try to minimise any text on your image – use something that students will engage with! 

When can I have a promotional stall at Winterfest 2021? 

O Week
Tues 20 July – Carnival Day
Wed 21 July – Clubs Expo
Thurs 22 July – Clubs Expo  

Week 1
Tues 27 July – Carnival Day 
Wed 28 July – Clubs Expo
Thurs 29 July – Clubs Expo  

When do I need to book by? 

WinterFest 2021 stall applications close on Friday 25 June 2021. All payments must be received by Wednesday 7 July 2021. 

For online advertising, booking forms should ideally be submitted at least 21 days prior to your required promotion date. Payment is required 14 days prior to your promotion. 

What happens once I submit my booking form? 

  • All promotions must be approved by the UMSU Ethical Committee. 
  • We’ll confirm dates, rates and any other specific details with you. 
  • An invoice will be issued. Payment must be received by the deadline to secure your place. 
  • Bookings are only confirmed once you have received notice from UMSU. 

Click here to make a booking online. 

Where will the promotional stalls be located? 

WinterFest 2021 events will be held on University Plaza, Union Lawn, Masson Rd, South Court and North Court near Union House on the beautiful Parkville campus. 

We will allocate promotional space based on availability, best fit for the event and your activation. 

What time can I arrive and when do I need to finish? 

Detailed instructions will be sent to you prior to your activation. Key times for WinterFest 2021 are: 

  • Event time     11.30am – 2.30pm 
  • Bump in         9.30am – 11.00am 
  • Pack down     2.30pm – 4.00pm 

How do I access my promotional stall spot? 

Detailed instructions, times and maps will be sent to you prior to your activation. Please read the Promoter Information carefully to ensure you enter via the correct gate and in your allocated arrival window.  

You will need to register at the Promoter Check In when you arrive. 

Note that there is NO direct vehicle access to the event site. Any items required for setting up your stall must be transported from the loading area to your stall site on foot. 

Can I bring a vehicle? 

There is limited access for unloading, but there is NO parking on campus. Vehicle registration must be supplied prior to the event day. Vehicles may stay for a maximum of 20 minutes and must be off campus 30 mins prior to event start time. Parking fines are enforced. After unloading, you will need to ensure that any vehicles are moved on quickly. Paid parking is available nearby off-campus and all costs are worn by the promoter. 

Click here for more information on nearby parking spaces. 

How do I transport my equipment and stall items? 

Promoters will need to organise their own transportation of goods from the unloading area to the event site. It’s highly recommended that you bring your own trolley. There are no trolleys available for promoter use. 

Is there an available power supply at the event? 

Power is available to all UMSU promoter stall sites upon request. Detailed information about your power requirements must be included at the time of booking. All leads must be tested and tagged. 

Will I be provided with a marquee? 

Marquees will be provided for WinterFest 2021. Should you wish to bring your own marquee, you must advise us when you book and this is subject to approval. Promoters who bring their own marquee must ensure it is securely weighted without the use of pegs/stakes. If you are unsure about minimum weight requirements, please contact us. 

Can I have food giveaways as part of my promotion? 

Yes. Food and drinks can be given away as part of your promotion. If you are serving food and drinks from your stall, you must meet all relevant laws and regulations in regards to food service, including, but not limited to: observing food handling regulations, storing food at appropriate temperatures in food grade quality containers, ensuring all staff hold a Safe Food Handling Certificate and meeting COVIDSafe and University guidelines in relation to food service and cleaning. 

All providers of fresh food and drink must register as a temporary mobile food trader at: Streatrader is an online system developed in partnership by the Department of Health and the Municipal Association of Victoria, to assist state wide single registration. Evidence of Streat Trader registration and staff Safe Food Handling certificates must be submitted prior to the event. 

What are the COVIDSafe planning requirements? 

Detailed instructions, including COVIDsafe requirements will be sent to you prior to your activation. Please read the Promoter Information carefully to ensure you comply. A copy of your business COVIDSafe Plan is required at the time of booking. 

WinterFest events are subject to government regulations including density requirements, contact tracing, regular cleaning, pre-registration of staff and any restrictions in place at the time (such as wearing masks). Promotional staff must not attend campus if they are unwell. 

Events may change at short notice due to government or university restrictions. Further information can be found on the UniMelb website here 

Can I ‘roam’ or promote outside of my allocated space? 

No. Roaming promotions are NOT permitted on campus. Staff will be on-site to ensure promoters stay within their allocated area. 

How many promotional staff can I have in my stall? 

A maximum of 2 staff may promote from your stall during WinerFest 2021 

Is there WiFi available? 

WiFi is not supplied by UMSU Inc. If you need WiFi for your activation, please arrange your own internet connection prior to arrival. 

What else do I need to consider when planning my activation? 

Accessibility is a key part of your planning. Ensure everyone can access and take part in your promotion. 

Are there other ways to promote my products directly to students? 

Giveaways are a great way to spread the word about your business with the bonus of extra online promotion via UMSU socials. UMSU has plenty of opportunities for goodies to be shared with students. We’re always looking for prizes for Trivia Nights, Awards, Publication Launches, Survey incentives and regular student giveaways. Food and drink is perfect for our daily breakfasts, weekly BBQs, frequent department events and meetings, Welfare food packs and department events. 

Social Media promotions are very popular, especially at the start of semester when engagement is especially high. 

What does the demographic at University of Melbourne look like? 

Here is a 2018 Quick Facts PDF from the Uni that gives you an overview of the main demographic splits: 

2018 Quick Facts University of Melbourne