SummerFest Host Tour Videos


Zip around Parkville campus with Isobel and Liv, two of your UMSU Host Program Directors! In this campus tour you’ll see the essential sites that will help you find your way when you and the campus finally meet irl. With everything from common tram stops to facts about important Uni landmarks this is a one-stop-shop to navigating Parkville campus.

Tour script written by Sidonie Bird De La Cœur.


Union House

Union House – a magical land of hope and wonder… or a crazy rabbit’s warren that will leave you scratching your head and getting lost before finally making sense of it!

You may have missed out on the opportunity to see the infamous Bailey-Miller pink bathroom located in the basement (recently painted white – boo!), but there’s many more exciting spaces for you to explore, chill out in, or get involved.

Level up with Liv as she leads you floor by floor through this wondrous building UMSU calls home.

Want more Union House adventure? Get back on campus (virtually) and explore the iconic Union House in an UMSU-original online adventure game


Overwhelmed by everything the Southbank campus has to offer? We got you! Join UMSU student representative Will Hall, for a tour around Southbank campus! He might still be waiting on some callbacks for auditions but he will tell you all you need to know about key places on campus to kickstart your time at the VCA /MCM.