COMMS - Compulsory attendance data form SF20

Contact Details

This is the brand being promoted not the organiser/agency


You will be asked to arrive at a particular time depending on site requirements.
Note: Most promoters must complete bump in between 9.00am and 10.30am. Please get in touch if you believe you will need extra time.
Note: Most promoters must complete bump in between 8.00am and 9.00am. Please get in touch if you believe you will need extra time.


Note: Maximum of 5 staff are permitted per 3x3m stall.
A table is included in your site fee.
Two chairs are included in your site fee. More are available upon request.
Note: Items not listed cannot be used. Please show quantity of each appliance and specs (eg. 2 x 10amp laptops x 10amp, 1 x 15 amp urn, etc). Please advise of any special power requirements now. All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged (unless new and still in packaging)
We need all images, text and links at least 3 weeks prior to your promotion date at this busy time of year. Thanks!

Vehicle access

Note that vehicles cannot directly access the South Lawn site. Stock and equipment must be moved from the loading zone using promoter's own trolley and staff. Vehicles may stay a maximum of 20 minutes.
All vehicles must be moved off campus after unloading. Parking information is in the Promoter Info Kit


Note: Pegs and stakes are NOT permitted. Marquees must have sufficient weights attached. 3x3m marquee minimum of 30kg per leg. Marquees will be inspected on the day for compliance. Non compliant structures will be removed.
All items must be secured. Please bring sufficient weights for all items. Sites will be inspected for safety and non compliant items will be removed.
Note: Only items listed here will be permitted during your promotion
Note: Promotions serving fresh food must provide all relevant documentation including staff Safe Food Handling certification and evidence of Streat Trader registration.
Please read and confirm all of these points.