❄️ WinterFest FAQs ❄️

UMSU’s WinterFest 2021  is all about meeting like-minded people and making friends before semester starts – so it’s important that its accessible, wherever you are in the world! We’ve put together a hefty selection of FAQs covering in person and online events, so you can get the most out of WinterFest ’21.


FAQS about on-campus events:

WinterFest is the best two-week festival at the start of Semester Two with lots of services, events and opportunities brought to you by UMSU! This cozy little event is a way for you to access information about the different student representatives, clubs and events on campus. Come meet your new friends!  Plus, there's lots of general info about all the different parts of UMSU. Basically, it's the best way for you find out about everything UMSU and meet other students.
This year we’re able to host WinterFest across campus in a number of spaces including Parkville Campus’ North Court, Union Hall and University Plaza, as well as Southbank Campus. From the 20-23rd of July and the 27-29th of July, there will be a number of stalls and pop ups that you can access on campus with all the information that you need!
WinterFest isn’t just on campus! WinterFest Online is a cozy little space using Hopin that offers you the same clubs, departments and services as part of our festival to ensure you are getting the most out of student-life! Head on over to the WinterFest Online event page and register for the event! You'll be able to make a personal profile and attend our event via Hopin!
Each of the locations for WinterFest has its own personalised QR Code that you are required to fill in. Doing so means that we have a record of your location should a case come up! We also have density limits in each of the locations and will be monitoring the number of students accessing these spaces. We also strongly encourage the wearing of masks at our events as well to reduce the exposure of germs and viruses. If you don’t have a mask and would like one at our event, please visit ! You can also read up on our other COVIDSafe information here! Be aware that this is subject to change with updates within Victoria!


FAQs about online events and Hopin:

WinterFest is UMSU’s mid-year orientation festival and one-stop-shop to student life at UniMelb. This two week festival is the best place to learn about all our services and events, make friends and get involved in student life. WinterFest Online is the biggest events during this time. Taking places online, this festival comes to life through chat rooms, pre-recorded video and live streaming video. Each space will have a different club, society or department in it, and you can cruise around as you please and interact as you like — it is up to you! Plus, there's lots of general info about all the different parts of UMSU. Basically, it's the best way for you find out about everything UMSU and meet other students. The whole event is held online via Hopin. Find out more about how to attend below.
Hopin is the where we are holding WinterFest Online — it's a website for live events. It's very easy to use and simply requires you to create an account and register for WinterFest Online (find out how to do this below). If you're curious what it looks like you can have a look at this demo video.
To come to WinterFest Online you need to create an account with Hopin, which takes under 30 secs to do. Firstly, you need to head to the WinterFest Online event page here: ....... On the top left of the page you'll see the "Sign Up" button. Hit that button and set up your profile details, including your name, your UniMelb email and your location. There are some other field you can fill out if you'd like to share them with other people at WinterFest — like what you're studying, or your hobbies — but this is optional. Once you've done that, go back to the WinterFest Online event page and register for the event If you’re having trouble creating your profile, check out some Hopin guides and FAQs.
We've found that making these changes greatly improves the Hopin experience.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari don't seem to work as well)
  • Use your desktop or laptop rather than phone as it's easier to navigate
  • Close other apps and browser tabs if you're experiencing lag
  • Refresh your page.
If issues with videos, check for HTML5 Video blocker - this extension stops video ads/facebook/instagram videos from autoplaying on Google Chrome.
Making friends a huge part of uni life, and UMSU’s WinterFest Online is here to help you do just that! Meet like-minded people by joining a club or society or connecting with a student department. There are two different types of spaces on the WinterFest Online — expo space and networking space. In the expo space you can browse a virtual Clubs Expo and sign up to your faves (there’s over 100+ taking part in the event!), chat to your student representatives and get involved in their events across the day. The networking space works like online speed friending. Once you choose to join your video will be randomly paired with another attendee for up to 3 minutes. To get contact details of the person you're chatting with click the "connect" button — you'll only be sent each other's details if you both choose to connect.

At the heart of it, UMSU is all about community. We’re here to work towards a better University experience for all students and provide a democratic, transparent forum where student affairs and interests are championed. We want our online channels to reflect this and provide a place where all members of the University of Melbourne community can come together to share ideas and experiences.

By extension, UMSU’s online properties belong to the student body, so we’ve laid down some house rules to ensure everyone has a fair chance to share their voice:

  • We will remove any content that is threatening, abusive or deliberately offensive. Our community is not the place to harass someone you disagree with.
  • We encourage spirited debate but please ensure that all posts are civil and respectful. If you can’t make your point without being offensive or strawmanning someone, then you aren’t really contributing to the discussion. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, then don’t say it from behind a keyboard.
  • We value your privacy. Any public posts that disclose an individual’s contact information, even your own, will be removed.
  • The laws of the real world apply here, too. We expect you to not post any material that may be defamatory, contravene intellectual property laws or otherwise impinge on the legal rights of other users and entities. This includes statements or images with racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory messages.
  • Remember that there are consequences to what you publish. There may be times where you feel something has been misrepresented. If you need to correct the content of another user please do so with respect and keep to the facts.
  • Be mindful of the fact that any content that you publish will be in the public domain and in some cases will remain public for a long time. You are personally responsible for any content that you publish. Be aware that your content may provoke a response and be open to the opinions of others.
  • UMSU is not your advertising tool. Individuals or businesses may not advertise products or services without prior approval.
While we support lively, open discussion, we reserve the right to block any users who don’t comply with the above categories, or who are otherwise deemed to be behaving inappropriately. At our discretion, individuals or entities who violate these terms will be blocked.

In serious or repeated cases of wilful breach of the terms, we may report the conduct to the University as a breach of the Student Conduct Policy http://policy.unimelb.edu.au/MPF1324

UMSU reserves the right to refer any posts which indicate an individual is at risk of harm to the appropriate authorities and/or services. In rare cases, we may choose to hide certain posts or messages from public view if their content could have an impact on a criminal investigation.

If you feel unsafe, unprotected or upset by something during an online event, please bring this to the attention of a member of staff (you can tell by their names) or head to the Info desk booth and notify the team there. The event host will be able to remove the person, rather than letting the situation escalate. In Hopin you can
  • Direct Message any of the UMSU Events Team staff
  • Visit the Info Desk (in Expo) and talk face to face to staff there or use the chat function in the booth
  • Mute or Report a user (by clicking the 3 dots ... in top right of the user profile via the direct message function)
Head to the expo space and browse through the various expo booths to see who you can connect with at WinterFest Online. If you are not sure where to start our website is the best place to find out more about UMSU and your current student representatives. You can also find our clubs listing — and find out how to get in touch with all 250+ affiliated clubs, including those that are not exhibiting at WinterFest Online. To quickly find all clubs exhibiting you can put “C&S” in the search bar and this will filter the booths to clubs and societies only. Likewise by searching “UMSU” you will find all of the student and staff departments who are present. You can also use the tags feature to find a department you're looking for. These are available under a search box and can be navigated across to find who you're looking for! Try #arts to start!



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