Nick Ryrie


The Problem is in the Solution

25 February – 7 March 2014
Closing Night: Thursday 6 March 5-7pm

I explore the idea of painting, through the process of repetition using form and colour as a vessel to execute complex works that investigate sound and movement.
For the duration of the show I will be in the gallery making a wall drawing exposing the process and discipline required to construct these images.

Review of The problem is in the solution, by Cassandra Joore

Nick Ryrie’s explorative body of work, The problem is in the solution, provides a visual code for the cycles and incongruities of quotidian life. As our experiences of time and space change, evolve and differ from one day to the next, patterns in Ryrie’s graphic painted surfaces similarly evade symmetry and repetition. Each painted image and object presents graphic geometric shapes in a state of rotation; forms which capture the beginning, evolving and resolution of a cycle. In a sense, the visual patterns Ryrie creates mirror the thematic sensibility of his work. Namely, our lived routines and experiences have the quality of repetition yet are mutable and potentially transformative. The detail and intensity of Ryrie’s technique is dynamic and offers us a visual exploration into the oscillations between the harmonies and discords of everyday life. Ryrie’s effective use of colour, shape and line on surfaces and objects creates movement and rupture in the images – harmonies and discords. This sense of movement is particularly present in the wall drawing Ryrie completes over the length of the exhibition. As the drawing unfolds, each colour block documents the artist’s progression towards a resolution of the work. The painting process itself becomes a lived expression of routine and repetition in the time and space of the gallery site.

See the installation photos here.