Notice of Appointment of Auditor

Dear members,

UMSU is giving notice that it intends to end its current appointment of an independent financial auditor, and that it intends to appoint a new financial auditor in August.

UMSU is an incorporated association, which means that every year, it must have its finances independently audited, and that audit must be presented at a general meeting. The last audit was presented at a general meeting on the 1st of May.

In 2013, UMSU appointed Moore Stephens (later Shinewing) to be UMSU’s auditors. Since then, Moore Stephens (and later Shinewing) have audited UMSU’s finances every year, including the audit that was presented in May.

UMSU opened expressions of interest for an auditor on the 5th of March this year, and received four submissions. After reviewing these submissions and additionally seeking advice from the University, the CEO, President and General Secretary of UMSU recommended to the Students’ Council of UMSU an auditor. Students’ Council, acting as the board of directors of UMSU, endorsed that recommendation.

A special general meeting must be held to make the appointment. This special general meeting is scheduled for the 28th of August, 2018, in North Court, the time of which is to be advised.

The motion to be considered by this Special General Meeting is that the appointment of the current auditor be terminated and that the auditor endorsed by the Students’ Council be appointed auditor.

Please contact the General Secretary at if you have any questions.