A new policy that will punish, rather than support, students struggling with mental health — 25 September 2020

Hannah Buchan, President
Jack Buksh, General Secretary

Now, more than ever, the University needs to be providing real support to students who are struggling with mental health. Instead, the University is proposing a policy that does the exact opposite.

This proposed policy allows University staff to identify students demonstrating behaviours that might be linked to mental health issues and refer them to Orwellian “Student Participation in Study Committees”. These committees can recommend to a Dean that a student’s enrolment can be terminated or suspended.  The University staff on these committees will not be required to have any training or demonstrated knowledge about the impacts that mental health issues have on students that would, at a minimum, qualify them to make these kinds of decisions.

We simply cannot understand why the University is creating a system that will have the inevitable effect of punishing those who struggle with their mental health.

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