OKCupid Message #2

OkCupid Message #2:

HIM: (January) You look great! Would u care for some tennis for fun? I know a bearded man who may be keen.

ME: (Mar 25, 2013 – 12:35pm)
Hi, would u be interested in playing tennis with a beautiful charming bearded dude I know?

HIM: Well obviously I’m not beautiful or charming anymore so I’ve changed my go-to message a bit. Obviously I send the same to everyone I’m inerested in.

ME: Sometimes twice.

HIM: I’m sure I’ve sent it more than twice to some. Recently I started to hide anyone I get in touch with, so they don’t show up again when I browse. This way I can avoid wasting time on girls I’ve already approached.

ME: You’re so fucking considerate.

HIM: You’re not very friendly

ME: I don’t like tennis.