OKCupid Message #4

OkCupid Message #4:

HIM: More information for you :

I am looking for a smart , attractive, fun , no drama lover …that is fabulous in bed ….for discreet daytime liaisons during the day on weekdays in a CBD hotel room.

If we were in Paris or New York , I would be happy to take you out, but I am happily married and hence cannot be seen out in public in Melbourne .

I would want to see you say once every two or three weeks, depending on how busy I am. I am a good friend and mentor and 100% reliable. This sort of arrangement suits me well and I am experienced and well practised.

I will pay you some cash each time I see you…say $300 – $400 each time plus the cash for the hotel room , which you will need to book and pay for as my staff process my credit card payments. Hotels always require credit or debit card booking or payment , or identification in relation to cash payment. I always do it that way and if you require additional comfort, then I can provide the cash for the hotel room in advance of our first time, though you can probably already gleam that it will not be an issue.

You will also get additional bonuses/ financial help as we get to know each other…plus a friend/mentor to bounce things off…

Please feel free to email me photos or a video…as revealing and daring as you feel comfortable sending. I will text you back some photos.

HIM: so……….

ME: Yes I forgot to reply!

I found your message fairly insulting if I’m quite honest.

Particularly your request for more images of me.

I’d also like to point that you wrote “your’s”

Yours needs no apostrophe.

So….I’m sorry but I don’t think we would be a good match.

Thanks x

HIM: no intention to offend…moving on to the next step usually involves a brief exchange of further photos and/or Skype plus a phone chat..

don’t worry…I think you are very attractive…

“your’s” is actually correct….trust me…(“its” does not have the apostrophe but your’s does)

and contrary to what you think, I believe we would be great together…you might be pleasantly surprised

what have you got to lose…i’m sure you have been underwhelmed by the competition….


ME: This will drive me mad.

Google your’s apostrophe.

Your answer awaits.

Yours kindly