OKCupid Message #1

OkCupid Message #1:

HIM: hello tiny dancer 😀 Having a fun filled Say night? Would you like to promote safe sex with me? An oral only session! You’re looking very very yummy ;D

HIM: well and needless to say, i would love to feed on you for a few hours 😉

ME: No. Just no. Actually not just no. What you have just said to me is incredibly insulting. Just because I promote and advocate for safe sex does not mean you in any way have the right to talk like that to me.

ME(cont.): I really think you owe me an apology but first I want to make sure you understand why you said was more than inappropriate and edging on violent.

Do I ‘deserve’ it if I’m wearing a short skirt? I hope you’d say no.
So I also don’t deserve that just because I mention safe sex.

Also please ensure you are using barrier methods for oral sex.


HIM: I humbly apologise for the dreadful misinterpretation and for having insulted you in such fashion. Despite my woeful interpretation of your intentions, i do actually highly value respect and respecting ones boundaries. I honestly hope it wasn’t overly upsetting

ME: Great.
Don’t speak to women like that.

HIM: ps. you don’t deserve to be objectified in any way, regardless of what you’re wearing. It was only a case of misinterpretation (and as i alluded to, a terrible one).

Being a bit of a hygiene freak (borderline ocd), i tend to only have oral sex with those who acknowledge and maintain a similar standard of hygiene. This allows me to enjoy everything a woman has to offer, without having to be fearful of contracting diseases.

HIM (cont.): You’re the second woman i’ve misinterpreted in such fashion, ever. Otherwise, they’ve always been receptive and enthusiastic.