The major consists of two core subjects: Drugs: Discovery to Market and Drugs in Biomedical Experiments) and two elective subjects (you MUST do 1 of them): Drugs in the treatment of Disease and Drugs Affecting the Nervous System. Watch out for Dr Michael Lew in both of these. He reminds you consistently that you’re not as intelligent as he is, and writes unreasonable and poorly worded exam questions. Eliminate his exam questions whenever possible. When making a decision to undertake the pharmacology major, the amount of time you have to dedicate to your studies plays an imperative role. All subjects are incredibly detailed and require massive amounts of revision time. The biggest tip you can get before undertaking this major is pay attention to detail, this is not a ‘big picture’ kind of area, every small detail has the potential to be examined and it is regularly. It is the specificity of detail that separates the students into different grade groups. The Pharmacology and Therapeutics faculty are among the most supportive and passionate of any I have come across, they make the major enjoyable and really help guide you into post-graduate studies with enthusiasm and professionalism.