Plant Science

This is a major for biology lovers. In first year biology there is very little on plants but it touches on plant physiology and evolution. You are also introduced to some of the botany staff, like Andrew Drinnian and Mike Bayly. They play a main role in the subjects relating to the plant science major. It is a strange major with only one core subject, plant evolution, and 3 electives that contribute to the major and you can choose from quite a few different subject like Environmental Plant Physiology, Marine Botany, Field Botany, Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Vegetation Management and Conservation. The major really focuses on plant taxonomy and systematics as well as practical techniques and getting out into the field. The staff in the botany department are amazingly smart and dedicated individuals that have extensive knowledge on almost all aspects of plants. They are at the forefront of plant science research and make the major fun and really enjoyable.