Porous Boundaries

13 – 23 May 2014

Closing Night, Thursday 22 May, 5 – 7pm

Alice McIntosh


A series of ambiguous forms explore the unsettled nature of materials.
The thresholds between sculpture, furniture, painting and architecture are penetrated. Opposing uses of utilitarian, decorative and found materials are combined to shift cultural and historical associations of form.

Many of the materials used to make this work are offcuts. Excess and left overs are processed haptically to emerge as indiscernible forms. As abstractions, elements removed from a whole that then agglomerate to become full again. Full of themselves; coming from off cuts but now taking center stage, New money? Having a giggle when things get weird. These things have never had this kind of attention.

Engaging processes without a set outcome to produce abstract forms provides a freedom to redirect materials. Dipping a toe into the unconscious pool. Colliding with art history through formalism but dodging the dreaded simile which may reduce form into name.

See the installation photos here.