Census date change – 21 March 2020


Hannah Buchan, UMSU President
Jack Buksh, UMSU General Secretary
21 March 2020


Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Hannah, I’m the UMSU President.

And I’m Jack, I’m UMSU’s General Secretary.

We’ve recently received communication from the University that they are pushing back the census date. The census date which used to be on March 31st, is going to be now on April 30th. This means that if you drop out before April 30th, you can withdraw from your studies without financial penalty. Additionally, if you drop out before 5th of June – which is the last day of SWOTVAC – you can withdraw without academic penalty.

This is something that students have been calling on the University to do for a while now, and it’s about time that the University provided clarity to students on what they were doing. Of course, this has not been very well communicated, I know, I, as a student haven’t received this through any other means, through my student email or anything, so we do want the University to remember that students want clarity, they want reassurance, so we do want them to be communicating directly to students.

If you have any more concerns, or things that the University isn’t doing, please let us know – UMSU is always here to help.

We’ll give you updates as the situation progresses.