Week 1 Wrap Up

By UMSU President Rachel Withers


As a friend remarked to me on an O-Week pub crawl, coming back to uni is a lot like coming back to Hogwarts.

Summer holidays may as well be living with the Dursleys compared to the magical world that is being a student of the University of Melbourne (if anyone needs me, “I’ll be in my room, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist”).

There’s learning to be done, friends to be made, free food to be eaten, beers to be drunk- so this calendar makes me too excited for words: https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/


O-Week was, of course, UMSU-purple and jam-packed as usual- carnivals, picnics, lectures, meet and greets, (pub crawls), BBQs, launch parties, Luna Park rides, oh my!



C&S Officer Claire eats a free icecream at the Clubs Expo

If you missed out on the clubs at O-week, or just can’t get enough, don’t worry: the Clubs Carnival is coming up! Watch this space for more info, but it’ll be on Thursday 26th March.


The No. 1 university in Australia (lel that’s us) is always a fabulous place to be, but Week 1 2015 has been something else.

Farrago looks absolutely divine, thanks to the fabulous 2015 editors:


Make sure you pick it up and have a read or a flick through- there are some absolute gems in there. If you’d like to contribute, don’t wait until third year as I did!

You can find out what content they are after next month or join their mailing list here: https://www.facebook.com/farragomag/app_100265896690345


Tuesday saw the first UMSU Activities Bands, BBQs and Bevvies for the year, and it was one of the biggest we’ve ever seen- Art vs. Science absolutely packed out North Court…. and the crowd went insane for Parlez-Vous Français?. Sorry we ran out of food to those last few who missed out- that was an unprecedented crowd!



Get super crazy excited for Smith St Band next Tuesday. See our full list of semester entertainment, or pick up a free Entertainment Guide from a magazine stand around Union House.


We got to experience the first of many Wednesday Farmers Markets on Union Lawns- delicious healthy food that isn’t the same stuff we uni students eat every other day? CHECK. Hope you got yourself a free smoothie from the UMSU Environment Officers- you couldn’t miss them at the UMSU stall! The Market will be back every week, so remember not to pack lunch next Wednesday.


Thursday morning I helped cook (and eat) a delicious free breakfast put on by the UMSU Welfare Department. You can come grab some free bacon, eggs, pancakes or cereal/all of the above every Thursday morning from 8:30am until whenever it runs out (this week that was around 10:30am).


This free breakfast gave me the free energy I needed to give a presentation and tour of Union House to a studio of design students who are designing their own versions of the new “Student Precinct” we should be seeing in the next few months/years/decades, which will be home to UMSU, the GSA and various university-run student services… I’ll keep you posted through this blog!


Many departments also had their first collectives for the year this week, including Environment, Wom*ns, Welfare, Disabilities and Queer. Collectives are an awesome way to get involved in an UMSU Department and meet new people.

Didn’t make it along to any collectives this week? Next week, check out:

Bike Co-Op: 9am-11am Tuesday, North Court
Wom*n of Colour Collective: 2pm Tuesday, Wom*ns Room, Union House
Wom*ns Collective: 12pm Wednesday, Wom*ns Room, Union House
Environment Collective: 12pm Wednesday, Graham Cornish A, Union House
Lunch With The Queer Bunch: 1pm Wednesday, Queer Space, Union House
Media Collective: Wednesday 1pm, Graham Cornish B, Union House
Disabilities Collective: Thursday 12pm, Training Room 2, Union House
Education Collective: Thursday 1pm, Graham Cornish A, Union House
Welfare Collective: Friday 2pm, Graham Cornish A, Union House


SRN applications also closed this week- good luck to all those who applied and thanks for your interest in student representation!


  • Sign up for a show on our brand new radio station The Fodder– I’m planning a one off show about Taylor Swift
  • Check out The Smith Street Band and grab a free snag
  • Go to an event so many events oh my god events: https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/