Week 3 Wrap Up

I can’t believe it’s only the end of Week 3 — I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!Every week here at the Uni of Melb is different and wonderful, and Week 3 was no exception.

The highlight of a trying Monday was definitely seeing a group of students having a fab time dancing along to the sick sick beatz of DJ Tay at the Monday BBQ in North Court. He may not be an internationally famous act like Art vs Science or The Beards, but he knows how to make the music come out of the speakers. He even let me press some of the DJ buttons.

Week 4’s Monday BBQ will be held outside the 1888 Building, and will again feature DJ Tay, free sausages and veggie burgers—if you’re trying to pinch a few pennies, this is a great money saving method. If you’re really struggling to make ends meet, you can always come visit the Welfare Department and see what’s in the Food Bank (and for those who aren’t, donations are always welcome). Contact Welfare Officer James at j.bashford@union.unimelb.edu.au

Tuesday saw the defeat of the HERR Bill in the Senate! This bill would’ve seen the deregulation of undergraduate fees (allowing Unis to charge you much more for your degree) and introduced student contributions for PhD places, so its defeat is a great (if temporary) victory for us.

Here are some of the Office Bearers celebrating this fine outcome for students.

UMSU Officebearers Rachel (President), Conor (Education Public Affairs), Stephen Smith (Clubs and Societies) and Lynley (Media) drinking to celebrate the defeat of fee deregulation

We also had The Beards come to the Tuesday BBQ and sing about beard-related issues. I had a lot of Host Certificates to sign (around 500…), but they created a wonderful soundtrack to my signing ordeal.

On Wednesday, I went to a whole lot of meetings. Blegh. By far the most exciting thing I did was meeting with my mentee from the UMSU Mentoring Network. (I also played in a MU Sport netball competition. We lost. 10—31. Yeah.)

On Thursday, if you wandered past South Court, you would’ve seen myself and the UMSU Education Officers, proffering free cup-cakee, free fliers, and ready to have a chat about all things education. This was in preparation for the “National Day of Action on higher education which (as you hopefully know!) is next Wednesday, at noon. Be there, or be square*.

* Actually, rather than being square, if you’re not there, the Government will cut Uni funding by 20%, deregulate your fees, charge interest on HECS-HELP loans and end life as we know it.

You already know what I did on Friday, because you would’ve got an email from me (and Margaret Sheil, the University Provost; and Steve Brown, President of the Graduate Student Association). If you didn’t read it, check your inbox—and if you didn’t follow the link to my welcome letter, you can follow the link to my welcome letter now!

I also had a meeting about the Student Precinct, which the University is building as the El Dorado of student services… in theory. One thing that came out of this meeting for me was running a forum for all students (psst… you) to update y’all on this project, and get your feedback, so I can be more representative of you on this reference group (of which I am one of only two actual students). At the moment, I’m thinking that will happen in mid to late April. In the meantime, feel free to send me an email or pop by my office.

Have a great weekend and see you next week! (At Clubs Carnival… on Thursday… on Concrete Lawns.) — la Presidenta