Presidential News

Nominations are now open to fill the casual vacancy created by the resignation of UMSU’s President last month. Contingent on legal advice, a temporary president will be elected by Students’ Council at a meeting on 28 April.

What is a temporary appointment?
UMSU’s regulations state that if the position of President becomes vacant, Students’ Council may appoint a new President on a temporary basis. The person appointed to fill the position will then take on the full duties of UMSU President. A permanent replacement for a casual vacancy can only be made at a by-election.

Who can be appointed?
Any student can nominate for the position by emailing the General Secretary at:

Students’ Council must consider the following criteria in making an appointment to fill the position:

  • Previous experience
  • Involvement in UMSU, department, collective, committee, Students’ Council or any body thereof
  • Previous or current holding of a Officer position in UMSU
  • Proven honesty and integrity
  • Proven commitment to the aims and objectives of UMSU (as outlined in our constitution)

When will the meeting be?
Students’ Council will consider the appointment on Thursday, April 28th at 11:00 AM. The meeting will be held in Training Room 1 on Level 3 of Union House.

What’s the story so far?
UMSU’s President resigned on 21 March, effective from 23 March. Since then, the General Secretary has been acting President. The resignation caused what is known as a “casual vacancy” and UMSU’s constitution and regulations govern how the vacancy should be filled with a new President. UMSU has sought legal advice to confirm the proper procedure for this according to our constitution and regulations and we expect to receive that advice shortly. This advice will determine whether Students’ Council can make a temporary appointment until the next UMSU elections in September or if a by-election must be held before then.

The General Secretary issued notice to Students’ Councillors that a meeting would be held on 28 April to consider a temporary appointment. This will allow a decision to be made as soon as possible once the legal advice is received, contingent on the legal advice confirming Council may make this decision.

How do I find out more?
Any questions can be directed to the General Secretary by visiting the UMSU Offices in Union House or emailing

You can download the documents that govern the process for filling a vacancy at the following links: