You can now apply for Special Consideration using a Statutory Declaration form – 25 March 2020

Hannah Buchan, UMSU President
Jack Buksh, UMSU General Secretary

25 March 2020


Video Transcript:

Hi all, just a quick update on what the University has been doing over the last 24 hours. And, we come with quite a big win for students. And that is that the University is now allowing you to apply for Special Consideration using a statutory declaration form** (

It is something that UMSU has been pushing for, for the last couple of weeks, but more importantly is something that students have been begging the University to do.

So by applying for Special Consideration using a statutory declaration form, it takes pressure of GP’s and other health professionals that are going to be hard to access during this time, and makes it much easier for students. Details are below, but contact UMSU Advocacy if you need help with this process:

We’re continuing to advocate for students who are financially impacted by this crisis. International students, and many domestic students have lost their jobs and cannot access government benefits. The University is asking students to contact Financial Aid (, and if you need any help during this process, please contact us.

We will continue to advocate for more financial assistance for students who have been affected.

As always, stay on the UMSU socials in order to keep up to date with the current information.

**Stat Decs can be signed by your pharmacist or at a police station, but to save time, call ahead, and please remember to practice social distancing while you are out and about. To get a stat dec you can download one at the bottom of this page: