Week 2 Wrap Up

Hi everyone, we’re two weeks through! (Unless your course started early, in which case, we’re as many as eleven weeks through. Never do a PhD.)

I’m going to be really brief in this update — not because there hasn’t been much happening, but because this weekend I’m a leader on the Melbourne Uni Engineering Students’ Club’s (mouthful — so they actually just call themselves MUESC) Orientation Camp, a.k.a E*TRIP, and typing on my phone is challenging.

One of the new initiatives from the Student Union this year is the UMSU Mentoring Network. On Monday, they had a speed networking event that saw hundreds of students (and precisely one hundred helium balloons) meeting each other in the Grand Buffet Hall in Union House:

Photograph of mentors and mentees at tables talking to each other.

Mentors meeting mentees in the Grand Buffet Hall

Photograph of me with Mentoring Directors Vicky, Michael and Kalvin.

Mentoring Directors Vicky, Michael and Kalvin with me.

You can find out more about the UMSU Mentoring Network on the UMSU Mentoring Network page.

On Wednesday I was again at the Farmers’ Market — which is becoming a Wednesday staple and a great opportunity to pick up some delicious, health and local food. It’s also a great opportunity to meet me or another one of your office-bearers: just drop by the UMSU stall and say hi. (And usually we’ll have something free to give you!)

Also on Wednesday evening was SoUP — the Start of Uni Party. If you read the Arts Students’ Society’s first week guide, they described it as “that awkward student union start of uni party in North Court (which you should totally go to)” [quote may actually be a paraphrase]. They described it that way because they lied — it was awesome. If you went, excellent! If you didn’t, don’t worry, because Cocktail Party Number One will be on the 24th March. Ticket sales are in North Court on Monday.

Photograph of students dancing at the Start of Uni Party.

Start of Uni Party in North Court. Turns out it’s not a great environment for photography!

Thursday was the most exciting day of my week, because we had a meeting of the Students’ Council. (OK maybe not the most exciting day.) But I just wanted to mention Students’ Council because (a) it’s the body that, between elections, gets to decide what the Union does, and (b) all students (including you) can show up if you’d like to have your say.

Next week: so much stuff, keep watching our events page. Some highlights: the Beards are playing in North Court on Tuesday. I hear they have beards. There are free yoga classes (5.30pm Tuesday) and free zumba classes (5.30pm Thursday) [p.s., did I mention free? and every week?]. But really, check out the events page. Also don’t forget to buy your Cocktail Party ticket.

Until next week, Rach.