Pro-Choice Campaign Working Group

Hey all

so last week Geoff Shaw, MP for State Parliament, came out with a bill introducing 6 changes to the Abortion Law Reform Act.

He thinks the act as it stands is one of the worst laws in the world in regards to abortion.
We are starting our campaign to make a stand for women’s Autonomy.

Come along on Wednesday at 5pm in the Wom*n’s Room to have your say on the direction of the campaign.
At the moment we are looking at a letter writing campaign/ getting an open letter published.
Wednesday will be about looking at the research we need, any further ideas we have and perhaps drafting the letter.

Here is a snapshot of Geoff Shaw’s bill
Geoff Shaw, the MP who holds the balance of power in the Victorian parliament, will put forward a bill that would radically alter the state’s abortion laws by banning partial-birth and gender selection abortions.
Shaw said he also wanted doctors to provide pain relief to foetuses during abortion procedures and for babies to be resuscitated if they survived abortion attempts.
The independent MP has already voiced his objection to guidelines that require doctors to refer a woman to another medical professional if the first doctor objects to abortion. Shaw says the system is too onerous on anti-abortion doctors.
This bill goes much further, and could result in the largest changes to Victoria’s abortion laws since 2008, when the practice was decriminalised.

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