Media Appearances 2021

ABC News: No more working cap for international students on COVID-19 frontline. Is that exploitation? (17/09/2021)Article PDF

The Age: Students, academics battle opening of Liberal-backed institute at Melbourne uni (22/7/21) – Article PDF

The Epoch Times: Melbourne University’s New Gender Affirmation Policy a ‘Violation of Conscience’: Expert (23/6/2021) – Article PDF

Star Observer: University of Melbourne Proposes Ban on Academic Transphobia (23/6/2021) – Article PDF

The Age: University head says free speech does not override transgender safety (15/6/2021) – Article PDF 

The Guardian: Universities promise to ramp up face-to-face learning as student frustrations grow (13/6/2021) – Article PDF 

Star Observer: Melbourne University Students Protest Lecturer’s Transphobic Website (3/3/2021)Article PDF

Pedestrian: Over 1,000 uni students & staff have condemned a ‘Transphobic’ site made by a Unimelb academic (28/2/2021) – Article PDF

The Guardian: Australian universities plan to ramp up in-person learning in early 2021 (20/1/2021)Article PDF

ABC Melbourne section begins around 1:41:00


Media Appearances: 2020

Pedestrian: What If My Internet’s Shit? And All Your Other Qs Answered If You’re Trying To Do Online (1/5/2020) – Article PDF

The Australian: QUT student Chris Dekker complains to Human Rights Commission After IPA Market Stall Denial (3/3/2020)

The Guardian: Coronavirus more than 4,000 students sign petition to delay start of university (5/2/2020)– Article PDF

The Age: Free supermarket feeds 2000 students a week (11/11/2020)Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2019

The Australian: Victoria police poised to crack down on Spring Rebellion Protests  (3/10/2019)

Green Left: Support builds for mass civil disobedience at mining conference  (15/9/2019) – Article PDF

Lad Bible: White Male Students Encouraged Not To Speak During University Of Melbourne Seminar (24/4/2019)-Article PDF

Daily Mail: ‘White males’ should be BANNED from speaking during university classes so women and transgender students are more willing to contribute to discussions, seminar suggests (23/4/2019)-Article PDF

The Australian: Ban on ‘white males’ speaking suggested at Melbourne University seminar (22/4/2019)

The Guardian: Australian students launch national campaign to pressure MPs to allow pill-testing (16/1/2019)-Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2018

Honi Soit: NUS NatCon 2018: Policy  (10/12/2018)-Article PDF

The Age: Fake doctors blamed for spate of University of Melbourne expulsions (26/7/2018)-Article PDF

The Australian: Satirical ‘kill list’ upsets Melbourne Uni’s young Libs (4/7/2018)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Why ALP backbencher Kimberley Kitching may become a household name (2/3/2018)-Article PDF

Herald Sun – The best university clubs and societies to join (23/2/2018)-Article PDF

Daily Mail: From drinks at the bar to back at her house: The new 90-minute sexual consent test Australian university students must pass before they are allowed to enrol (9/2/2018)– Article PDF

The Age: ‘Enthusiastic Yes’: Melbourne Uni makes sexual consent course mandatory (8/2/2018)-Article PDF

Australian Book Review – Dissent: The student press in 1960s Australia by Sally Percival Wood (1-2/2018)-Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2017

The Guardian – Australian news quiz of the year 2017 (27/12/2017)-Article PDF

Honi Soit – NUS ACT branch to be dissolved (15/12/2017)– Article PDF

Domain – Melbourne rents: $150 a bed ads raise concerns of overcrowding and exploitation (23/7/2017)– Article PDF

The Daily Mail – University Holds ‘Privilege Workshop’ to tell students to cut the Australian banter, stop showing off and for men to learn to ‘talk like women’ (19/5/2017)Article PDF

De Minimis – Should Law Students Care About UMSU (4/4/2017)– Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2016

The PIE News – Mentor wins top award from Melbourne Uni (22/11/2016)– Article PDF

The Age – Students angry about missile-maker Lockheed Martin’s lab at Melbourne University (26/9/2016)– Article PDF

The Age – Student union to hand out drug-testing kits at University of Melbourne campus (20/9/2016)– Article PDF

VICE – Melbourne Uni’s Student Union Will Soon Hand out Free Drug Testing Kits (16/9/2016)– Article PDF

The Sydney Morning Herald – The new way university cheats are being caught (18/8/2016)– Article PDF – Why is Union House Theatre closing down? (10/6/2016)– Article PDF – Union House facing demolition as University expands corporate vision (21/5/2016)– Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2015

ABC – Stopping dropouts: how can universities keep hold of their first years? (13/5/2015)– Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2013 – Melbourne University: Student Council passes motion to celebrate Thatcher’s Death. (15/4/2013)– Article PDF

The Herald Sun – Melbourne University union officials pass motion to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher (9/4/2013)– Article PDF


Media Appearances: 2012

Crickey – Stars lash ‘flawed’ Melbourne Uni Theatre restructure (12/11/2012)– Article PDF

Herald Sun – Furore At Uni’s Live Sex Show (6/5/2012)– Article PDF