Policy & Guidelines

These policies and guidelines apply to Student Union representatives and staff, and can be used in connection with social media accounts associated with the organisation. When using an official social media channel, please remember that you are representing UMSU.

UMSU encourages staff and student representatives to use social media but reminds users to exercise discretion, thoughtfulness and respect for the organisation and the social media community, in line with Staff Code of Conduct, employee policies, privacy policy etc.

Confidential or proprietary information should not be shared publicly on social media channels. Please be sure to read all social media site terms and conditions. If you create a site that has a questionable clause in it, you are liable should there be legal action associated with the site.

The Communications & Marketing Department recognises that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become important and influential communication channels for our community.

The purpose of this Policy and Guidelines is to enable, encourage and support new use of social media channels for engagement opportunities with students, and promotion of events, services and departments of UMSU, and to add value by communicating relevant and engaging content that strengthen the organisation’s brand.

Prior to engaging in any form of social media involving the Student Union, please notify Communications & Marketing of the intended platform urls to enable cross-promotion on official sites. Where possible, sites are to adopt the naming protocol UMSU+DptName (for example, UMSU Clubs: www.facebook.com/UMSUClubs).