Semester Planning and Expense Tools:

Here are some downloadable resources that can help you organise your event:

  • Budget – Keep track of all expenditure and pass this money with your committee prior to invoice due dates.
  • Event Plan – Best to develop this at the very beginning of planning so that you have time to ensure you have all elements covered for your upcoming event.
  • Timeline – Outlines each of the steps required to deliver your event and nominates responsibility within your team.
  • Week Program Submission – If your department is hosting a themed week of events, this document is a concise way to outline the program for the CME team.
  • Run Sheet (Schedule)– Collates contact information for all involved in your event on the day and outlines step by step delivery, with nominated responsibility.
  • Outdoor Maps – To assist you in developing site maps of outdoor events. 
  • Event Report– Collects an outline of the above processes, as well as feedback so that you, the events department and future OBs and staff can see what worked and what didn’t for the planning and delivery of your event.


Information for Contractors and Suppliers

The following access information can be sent to suppliers in the lead up to delivery or provision of service. The University requires ALL on-site contractors complete their online contractor induction form. Please get in touch with the events team if you would like any further advice on or assistance liaising with suppliers.

Access to North Court

Access to Union House Loading Bay

Contractor Induction – University of Melbourne

Username: unimelb
Password: contractor