Make sure you communicate in your Start a Project form on Basecamp if you have solid plans and direction for marketing this event

If you’re not sure what you need or how we can help, just say that in the Start a Project form and we can chat about it on Basecamp. If you have any questions, free to get in touch with us at

Include words like free gig/webinar/workshop in your event title. A clear title is great for accessibility and helps attendees find events.

Use the event description to provide detailed information. 

• Be clear about when attendees will receive a link to join your event, what you’ll cover, and who’s speaking or presenting.

• If you expect attendees from multiple time zones, use the Event Description to clarify start and end times.

• Include information about any software and internet connection requirements to ensure a smooth viewing experience for attendees.

Event registration/tickets – free or paid?

Providing a ticket is a good indicator to track attendance numbers, provide the attendee with all event information including passwords, slides, and means to connect with your audience/attendees pre and post the event.

Ticketing can also help build your list of contacts, as everyone needs to input their details in order to join online. And by recording the event you will have created a valuable piece of content that can be shared with attendees or offered as a gated asset on your website for other people to download.


As your event is taking place online, you should focus your marketing activities online too. Just make sure that every blog post, tweet and update includes a clear call to action to register for the event or purchase tickets online.

Add the event registration link to your homepage and email newsletters, or use the integration tool offered by a ticketing platform to sell tickets directly from your website or Facebook page. You should also use email marketing automation tools to send out a series of messages to your contact list with the aim of raising awareness and turning readers into attendees.

Online UMSU Events Calendar

We have created a new online events calendar on the UMSU website, to showcase the various online events and initiatives that are running as these become introduced.

You can find the online-only events calendar currently live on the UMSU website under Get Involved > All Events Calendar.

How to add your event to the online events calendar

To publish your event on this calendar, follow the normal process for creating a new event, and then select ‘Online event’ from the Calendars toolbar on the right-hand side.