How to send and receive items:

With limited access to campus, in light of current lockdown restrictions, any items you purchase CANNOT be delivered to Union House. For this reason it is necessary that for each order you make that your department allocate a staff member or student representative who will be responsible for receiving the delivery and/or sending items on to students.

When ordering something through CME, please ensure you let our team know who is the nominated staff member or student rep.


Can’t I get the supplier to send items directly to students?

While this may seem like a straightforward solution, it is not so simple. We have a responsibility to protect the privacy of students and this includes any data we would need to collect to send items to their homes. Once this information has been sent to suppliers we have no way of knowing how this will be managed or potentially used in the future.

There may also be a higher cost associated with getting the supplier to post goods directly to students, as there may be a fee associated with each item – on top of postage fees.

It may be more cost efficient for an UMSU staff member to take on distribution directly.


Consider delays in post when sending:

There are potential delays in postage, please keep this in mind when ordering and sending out items. Allow at least an extra week on what you would normally expect if the delivery is time sensitive.


If you are unsure how to proceed with your order please get in touch with the events team for support.