Rubber Tyre

29 JULY – 8 AUGUST 2014


Julian Hocking


Closely resembling signifiers we are presented with every day, Rubber Tyre operates as an interruption of established, efficient semiotic understanding.

The works enter into a world of surplus information, the sole intention of which is direct, unambiguous communication. They are a site that allows inefficiency and misunderstanding to occur.

Stop means Stop; Apple means Apple; Crown means Crown ~ Stop means Danger; Apple means Healthy; Crown means King.

Through working with unique state prints, there is an investigation into the relevance of an edition and the possibility for re-interpretation; if the process is treated as a material and not a technique then the paper
becomes a canvas, the plate a brush, the ink is paint and as a result the print: a painting.
The title “Rubber Tyre” reflects a common object that, like printmaking, has a specific code, set of limitations and abilities that is open to be interrogated and re-presented.
Julian Hocking is a Melbourne based artist who completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design (Honours) in 2012 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Art at VCA.

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