Screen and Cultural Studies

Screen and Cultural studies is about TV and movies and their influence on society and culture in both the past and the present day. You’re required to attend screenings for some subjects which is cool because you watch them in big lecture theatres on a large screen. You may want to buy a camera if you want to make movies for assessments but there are often many other options like essays, posters or blogs so don’t stress. The first year subject, Culture, Media and Everyday is described as ‘very fun and interesting.’ There are lots of different topics and a variety of assignment options. It has two main lecturers and plenty of guest lecturers which keeps things interesting. The lecturers have partially changed but Fran Martin is still a lecturer who was very clear and had good power points. It remains a different way to think about life, and serves as another excuse to enjoy Cinema Nova’s $6-$9 tickets every Monday (on Lygon St).