Senior Melbourne Uni staff warn cuts will do long-term harm — 18 September 2020

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We are appalled by the continuing jobs cuts across Victorian public universities.

How can universities maintain the quality of education with these levels of cuts? In an already difficult time for staff and students, these cuts are demoralising and a huge blow to our teachers. Teaching conditions are student learning conditions – we know that these cuts will have a direct impact on students.

As members of the Academic Board, UMSU President Hannah Buchan and Education Officer Georgia Walton Briggs signed this letter to the University executive from senior academics and academic board members, calling on the University to stop all staff cuts and restructuring as part of their “pandemic reset program” while the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis remains unclear. 450 jobs cuts is too many, any jobs cuts is too many. We will continue to fight alongside staff against these cuts.