The Legend of the Amulet: Special Consideration Exam Period Edition

Sometimes, it’s fun to imagine that the pursuit of your education is like a grand quest in the tradition of Lord of the Rings (especially if you are trying to procrastinate). After all, you are after that precious (a.k.a your degree).

Sometimes in pursuit of precious, you might encounter some obstacles much like Frodo did on his way to Mordor (especially if like Frodo you’re not wearing shoes). In the case of illness, orcs, events outside of your control or creepy ghost horses with skeleton riders on their back chasing you, there’s an amulet with restorative powers that may help. Legend foretells of the online form called Special Consideration.

Its specialness derives from its ability to delay the time and date of an exam or to grant a late withdrawal. But, the amulet is not automatically granted.

There is a special time period where the amulet is accessible (up to 4 days after the date of your exam) and requires special supporting documentation to obtain (usually an HPR form or letter completed by a registered health professional).

If the elders at SEDS reject your application, you can ask them to review it. If they still refuse to give you the amulet, you might have grounds to take it up with the Fellowship of the Ring (a.k.a the Academic Registrar).

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