Comedy Competition Terms and conditions 2018

  1. Entry forms must be completed and returned by the due date to the satisfaction of the Campus organiser hereafter referred to as the Campus’s Activities Officer.
  2. At least one member of each act must be a student at the campus they are participating at. Such member must make a substantive contribution to the acts performance.
  3. Acts are eligible to enter on one campus only and any act found to have breached this rule will be disqualified.
  4. Each act must ensure that they are fully prepared to commence performance at the designated time. Each act must ensure that they do not exceed the performance time limit.
  5. Each act must ensure their campus policy on provision of sound, lighting and stage equipment is adhered to.
  6. Judging criteria will be as follows.
    Originality of material 20 points – Were the jokes told in an original way?
    Stage presentations 20 points – How did the performer/s use the space and present themselves? Did the performer/s draw focus (Gain attention?)
    Crowd reaction 20 points – How did the crowd react to the act?
    Is it funny? 20 points – Was the performance actually funny?
    Performance skills 20 points – Did the act know how to work a crowd or have that something special?
    *Up to 10 demerit points will be deducted for any act’s lack of cooperation
  7. Time allowed on stage is as follows;
    solo ­– up to 5 minutes
    duo/group stand up – up to 10 minutes
    group sketch comedy – up to 10 minutes
  8. Judges will not knowingly be associated with any contestant and all decisions are final and no correspondence, discussion, debate, abuse will be entered into.
  9. Entry in the competition means acceptance of all terms and conditions of entry as described herein. Acts entering the competition give UMSU permission to use the acts name and likeness for such promotional purposes as UMSU sees fit.
  10. The administration arrangement outlined here may be subject to changes as UMSU or the Activities Officer deems proper for the smoother running of the competition. No claims shall be recognized in respect to these arrangements.
  11. While all care shall be taken in running the competition no liability whatsoever shall be accepted for any loss arising as a consequence of the competition.
  12. Please be aware that most campuses and their student organisation/s have non-sexist racist and homophobic policies and “humour” based around such topics will not be considered funny.
  13. STANDARD PROVISIONS. a) raised stage area b) PA of some form c) performance should be in a public area so that there is some sort of audience d) lit area – daylight is fine e) any other technical requirements should be negotiated between the act/s and the activities officer.