Start of Uni Party (SoUP)

Hello Melbourne Uni and welcome to the Start of Uni Party, or as it’s lovingly known by the locals, SoUP!

Hope you’re ready to get SoUPy all night long with UMSU.
There’s no better way to kick off the year than with this signiature event. Bring your friends, make some new friends, or skrew making friends, just have a boogie.

Tickets are $20 and are available from our stall at the UMSU Carnival Day, Tuesday of Summerfest. Get in quick before they sell out. Join the Facebook event here.

Also coming to the sleepover? Buy both tickets at once for just $40!


What about reasonably priced alcohol?
$2 Beers
$2 Ciders
$4 Cruisers
$4 Slushies

Will there be free pizza?
Yes there will be FREE PIZZA

Really? Free?

Is UMSU Activities really run by an elephant?
Yes and my name is Tobias Trunke (add me 😉 )

Is there a cloak room?
Yes, and we’ll keep your stuff safe for a gold coin