Talking Out Your Arts is a program of curated discussions with student artists. The idea is this: we go see a performance in person or streamed or an exhibition of new student art work, then create a space to discuss the work and ask questions of the artist(s).  The aim of this program is to give artists an opportunity to hear how audiences experience their work, give the audiences a chance to engage with artwork more deeply, and also to give us all an opportunity to share what is important to us in art.

Conversations about self-care, diversity and risk in student art on campus continue to grow. In an attempt to further and support these conversations, we are continuing Talking Out of Your Arts (TOoYA). For theatre this will mean a series of post-show Q&As that bring artists and audiences together to reflect on the culture of theatre making on campus in more detail. For visual art this will be a curated discussion in the gallery space, giving viewers a chance to respond to the work for the artist and audience to ask questions of each other.

To take part in TOoYA and enrich the conversations we have about student theatre, simply email arts@union.unimelb.edu.au with the dates of your production and preferred session time. We can assist with covering any extended hours needed in the theatre as part of the program. These Q&As can also be incorporated as part of your program – we can promote and attend your performance, but they do not need to need to be hosted by us, although they can be if you prefer.

Past TOOYAs in 2019

MUDCRABS, Kit Goodman! A Good Man, Friday 12th April

FLW Theatre, (un)Australian, Thursday 2nd May

MUSC, As You Like It, Wednesday 8th May

Upcoming TOOYAs

Could your show be next? Get in touch to make this happen!

Watch this space for upcoming TOoYAs in 2020!