Tastings 2020

Tastings is an opportunity to develop new ORIGINAL SHORT WORKS and works in development run by the UMSU Creative Arts Department. With over a decade’s worth of history, Tastings will take place over the course of Semester 2 and provides emerging writers, performance makers, choreographers, directors, filmmakers and other student artists who can’t be categorised a mentorship with an industry professional, resources and support in developing new work, along with the option to show your original short work in a facilitated online setting.

Making art in our current climate can be challenging, and Tastings 2020 will be responding to public health and safety advice along the way. However, the focus of Tastings is to develop new work, create your own lil gem that is not a fully fledged show yet, and we are committed to making that happen.

Tastings Opportunities

Applications for Tastings 2020 closed on 30th June 2020, and since then our artists have been working with their mentors, and developing their creations. If you missed out this year, no fear!  Below there will soon be other ways you can get involved in Tastings 2020.

Join the “Let’s Grow” Team

One of our Tastings artists is looking to put together a team of disabled and D/deaf or hard of hearing people to work collaboratively on a webseries about a community garden. Here the use of disabled includes people who are mentally ill, chronically ill, living with invisible illnesses, have physical disabilities etc. If you self-identify as disabled you’re welcome in the team.

The working title of this project is currently “Lets Grow” and the story is about a group of people creating a community garden, the story line is deliberately broad so the team involved can inform what direction it takes, what themes are focused on and how the project develops.  All of this work will take place online and in line with current restrictions.

The project leader is currently seeking writers, performers and a director for this project.

Head to this event for more information about the project in various formats and for how to apply.

Audition for Fake Newspaper Theatre

Can you cast a fireball over Zoom? Have I chosen the right career? Why does my toe feel weird? Is there a way to summon the snack I’m craving?

These are just a few dilemmas facing mortals every day in our increasingly digital world. After centuries of spooky forests, misty coves, and mysterious towers, a few enterprising spellcasters have decided to modernise their age-old magical business by moving it online. They will be available for one hour to, with the help of their demons, match mortal problems with magical solutions, and perhaps recruit some for the prestigious magical academies. If they can just figure out where the unmute button is.

The cast will play spellcasters and demons, while the audience will be the mortals coming to the consultation for help with their problems. There will be a written lesson plan/schedule, with details about characters, motivation, and what should happen next, rather than a full script. There will be a lot of audience interaction and structured improv. No experience (in improv or otherwise) is required.

Head to this event for more information about the project and how to apply !

Other things to look out for !

If these opportunities aren’t quite for you there are plenty of other ways to get your work out. Get in touch with us at arts@union.unimelb.edu.au and we’ll find you a way to support you and your art!

PS: Look out for MUDFEST, coming to your university in 2021…