In Semester Two we will present 6 workshops focussing on skills student artists need to survive and thrive in the new digital and distanced art-making age. The first four of these workshops are listed below and were presented in collaboration with our friends from Union House Theatre. If you would like to access recordings or notes from any of these workshops please send us an email at arts@union.unimelb.edu.au .

You can still sign up for our next 2 workshops that are presented in collaboration with from Arts Programming.


Happy Healthy Art Making

Happy Healthy Art Making will be facilitated by a speaker from the Arts Wellbeing Collective. Attendees will learn about how to get motivated and stay mindful and resilient when making art especially in our new digital art making age. They will discuss way to engage in a creative practice that is sustainable for the artist and won’t lead to burnout.
When: Thursday 13th August 3:30pm

Conceptualising Projects: Analogue to Digital. 

The internet is here to stay… We all know that right?! But what we don’t necessarily know is how to make performance work online, or how to use the zillions of digital platforms that are out there, to create, produce or promote our work. Covid-19 has shook up theatre^ and this panel discussion is set to introduce you to three resilient artists who keep working and shape-shifting their projects for online platforms or who revert to scissors and paper to keep playing and get offline altogether. After you attend this – there’ll be no excuses for hiding your artistic self from the world!

When: Thursday 27th August 3:30pm-5pm

Foley (Sound Effects) Workshop 

Foley is a crucial part of making the worlds we show to our audiences real, and even stretching them to the hyper-real. During this workshop, we’ll not only look at where Foley came from and how it can be used, but also get into the nitty-gritty of how to go about choosing sounds, recording those sounds, and editing them together to create the most effective Foley track – all with the tools around you.

When: Thursday 17 September, 3 pm-4:30 pm

Video Editing Basics 

With special guests Harriet Wallace-Mead and Shrives Murphy

Join us for a crash course in video editing and making in this digital art age. This workshop will take you through the basics of video editing across platforms and types of software. You will learn easy ways to caption videos, some basic editing skills as well as how to find the editing platform that is best for you!

When: Thursday 1 October, 3:30pm-5pm


Arts Grant Writing Workshop

Join Channon Goodwin as he talks through the principles of writing competitive arts grant applications. The workshop will include information on the general structure and requirements of arts grants, and a range of arts funding bodies accessible to students and emerging practitioners

Channon Goodwin is an artist and artworker based in Melbourne, Australian. His work engages with collective, collaborative, and artist-run practice and forms of artist-led organisation building.

Channon is the current Director of Bus Projects, and founding co-convener of All Conference, an organising network comprised of 15 artist-led, experimental and cross-disciplinary arts organisations from around Australia. He aggregates his various collaborative and independent work under Fellow Worker. Channon recently edited a new book Permanent Recession: a Handbook on Art, Labour and Circumstance. Published through Onomatopee Projects, this book is an enquiry into the capitals and currencies of experimental, radical and artist-run initiatives in Australia and the labour conditions of working artists.

1 session available, October 13th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Busy Mess to Business: Business Skills for Artists Panel Discussion

Learn how to take your busy arty mess and turn it into a successful creative business venture in this 90-minute panel workshop. All too often us artists are awesome at making our art but don’t quite know how to get started or how to establish ourselves. In this panel discussion you will hear from successful artists across a range of experiences and mediums who will talk about how to value your art, grow a following and get noticed as well as the best ways balance your art and the tedious logistics that come with running an arts business. Panel artists are Frances CannonAnnie Louey and Adam Stone.

1 session available, October 20th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.