In Semester Two we will be presenting 4 (but maybe more) workshops focussing on skills student artists need to survive and thrive in the new digital and distanced art-making age. The first two workshops are presented in collaboration with our friends from Union House Theatre.

Happy Healthy Art Making

Happy Healthy Art Making will be facilitated by a speaker from the Arts Wellbeing Collective. Attendees will learn about how to get motivated and stay mindful and resilient when making art especially in our new digital art making age. They will discuss way to engage in a creative practice that is sustainable for the artist and won’t lead to burnout.
When: Thursday 13th August 3:30pm

Find out more and make sure to register your interest here.

Conceptualising Projects: Analogue to Digital. 

The internet is here to stay… We all know that right?! But what we don’t necessarily know is how to make performance work online, or how to use the zillions of digital platforms that are out there, to create, produce or promote our work. Covid-19 has shook up theatre^ and this panel discussion is set to introduce you to three resilient artists who keep working and shape-shifting their projects for online platforms or who revert to scissors and paper to keep playing and get offline altogether. After you attend this – there’ll be no excuses for hiding your artistic self from the world!

When: Thursday 27th August 3:30pm-5pm

Find out more and make sure to register your interest here.

Keep your keen eyes peeled for more updates on this page! There will be more workshops and opportunities to upskill throughout the semester.