What sets this campaign apart is that clubs will have multiple opportunities to participate in this campaign and directly contribute towards the fight for climate justice.

1. Share the Petition (and win grants for your club)

Ask your members to sign the petition by emailing them and sharing the UMSU Enviro Video on your social media channels. 

Students will be able to tell us which club referred them to the petition. To recognise clubs who have made outstanding contributions to the campaign, there will be three cash prizes available for the clubs who receive the most referrals.

First place: $400

Second place: $250

Third place: $100

You’ll be able to spend this on your club’s initiatives in the coming year! Make sure to pass this message on to your club committee!


2. Encourage members to participate in the University Day of Action

On May 6th, we will provide an email template for you to send out  to your members. If you have activities planned for the Day of Action, feel free to include them in the email as well!

Clubs will also be provided with a template where they can demand on behalf of their membership that the university take action on the climate emergency now. 


3. Participate in the University Day of Action

Don’t forget to join the University Day of Action on May 6! Encourage your committee and membership to share our posts on social media. We need your help to get the hashtag #ActNowUnimelb trending; make sure to attach it to everything you post on the day!

This will be one of the biggest grassroots environmental campaigns that Unimelb has ever seen, so it will be an amazing opportunity to get your club’s name out there.  If you would like to participate in all steps 1-3, please email us immediately so we can include your club’s logo into the petition banner!