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Bike co-op

Mondays – 12-3pm

Tuesdays – 9-11am (free breakfast and mechanic)

Wednesdays – 12-2pm

Thursdays – 3-5pm

John Smyth Basement (across from Tsubu)

Facebook page here

Do you ride your bike to uni?

Flat tyre? Empty stomach? We can help you fix that!

Every Tuesday morning this semester we will be having a wonderful bike mechanic in to help you learn to fix your own bicycle, along with tools, some parts, and our enthusiastic Melbourne Uni Bike Co-op volunteers!

In addition to all that, we’ll be offering free tea, coffee and breakfast, courtesy of the Melbourne Uni Environment Collective.

The bike co-op is also open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and potentially more times soon!

If you haven’t got anything specifically wrong with your bike, come along for a cup of tea and to learn from others.

Please try to arrive early if you need to repair your bike, to make sure we have time to help you out.

Send a message to the Bike Co-op facebook page or environment@union.edu.au if you would like to get more involved, we are always looking for more volunteers!