Indigenous Weaving Workshop with Aunty Bronwyn Razem, 2019 Arts Lab, level 3 Union House

The Creative Workshops program sees a variety of distinguished professional practitioners lead creative arts workshops throughout the academic year. The workshops are free for students, open and applicable to all skill levels, and provide a fun, recreational space to explore new skills and ideas. The Creative Workshops program also includes one-off events, training sessions, seminars and walking tours.


All workshops are FREE for University of Melbourne students.

If you have any ideas for Creative Workshops contact Arts Projects Officer David Attwood here.



Abstract Drawing with Minna Gilligan

Join artist Minna Gilligan to explore methods of abstract mark making. Participants will use low-fi materials such as textas, coloured pencils and ballpoint pens to create their own colourful and energetic drawing, inspired by Gilligan’s irreverent approach to the medium. No drawing experience is necessary, and this workshop aims to loosen up one’s approach to drawing and take away any self-consciousness from the process.

1 session available:
April 13, 12.30 – 2pm
Register here

Collage with Minna Gilligan

Minna Gilligan, ‘Someday Soon’, 2012

Join artist Minna Gilligan to delve into the medium of collage. Beginning with a discussion on methods of sourcing material for collages, and ending with creating a collage work of one’s own, this workshop will take you through the A-Z of making your own collage. With a focus on narrative tropes in the works, each participant will get an insight into how to express oneself through utilising existing imagery.

1 session available:
April 20, 12.30 – 2pm.
Register here

More Workshops Coming soon


Making Sustainable Beeswax Wrap

This workshop provides step-by-step instructions for how to produce your own sustainable beeswax wrap at home. The beeswax wrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic cling-wrap.

Download here: Sustainable Beeswax Wrap Online Resource

Creating Contemporary Collage

This online resource compiled by visual artist Isabella Darcy is an introduction to Contemporary Collage. The resource will direct students to create their own collages using recycled clothing. Informed by contemporary art practices, students can produce their own collage based artwork from home using easily accessible materials. All skill levels are accommodated and no previous experience is required.

Download here: Contemporary Collage Online Resource



Busy Mess to Business: Business Skills for Artists Panel Discussion

Learn how to take your busy arty mess and turn it into a successful creative business venture in this 90-minute panel workshop. All too often us artists are awesome at making our art but don’t quite know how to get started or how to establish ourselves. In this panel discussion you will hear from successful artists across a range of experiences and mediums who will talk about how to value your art, grow a following and get noticed as well as the best ways balance your art and the tedious logistics that come with running an arts business. Panel artists are Frances Cannon, Annie Louey and Adam Stone.

Co-produced by Arts Programs and Creative Arts.

1 session available, October 20th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Arts Grant Writing Online Zoom Workshop

Join Channon Goodwin as he talks through the principles of writing competitive arts grant applications. The workshop will include information on the general structure and requirements of arts grants, and a range of arts funding bodies accessible to students and emerging practitioners

Channon Goodwin is an artist and artworker based in Melbourne, Australian. His work engages with collective, collaborative, and artist-run practice and forms of artist-led organisation building.

Channon is the current Director of Bus Projects, and founding co-convener of All Conference, an organising network comprised of 15 artist-led, experimental and cross-disciplinary arts organisations from around Australia. He aggregates his various collaborative and independent work under Fellow Worker. Channon recently edited a new book Permanent Recession: a Handbook on Art, Labour and Circumstance. Published through Onomatopee Projects, this book is an enquiry into the capitals and currencies of experimental, radical and artist-run initiatives in Australia and the labour conditions of working artists.

1 session available, October 13th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Drawing Plants with Andrew Seward Online Zoom workshop

Join artist Andrew Seward as he teaches helpful tips and tricks for drawing plants from home. You’ll just need some drawing implements — coloured or led pencils and pens will do — and a plant! All skill levels are welcome, no prior experience required.

1 session available, September 29th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Creative Writing Online Zoom workshop

Join writer Cynthia Troup in a Creative Writing workshop. Cynthia will provide participants with a series of activities, techniques and tips for harnessing imagination and increasing stamina when writing creatively. Learn how to remain engaged in the writing process when ideas or energy start to flag. The workshop is applicable to all forms of creative writing and accommodates all skill levels.

Based in regional Victoria, Cynthia Troup is a writer and editor whose creative work often emphasises the musicality of language, and the allusive richness of fragments. Her texts have been performed in concert and theatre settings; her publications range from scripts and podcasts to interviews in the fields of contemporary art and music. Cynthia has taught emerging artists at the VCA Centre for Ideas, and students of creative writing at RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, and Deakin University. Recent publications include ‘Harsh and intricate and right in front of you’, an essay for ADSR Zine 007 which revisits a work by John Wolseley during the 2020 Black Summer.

1 session available, September 15th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Collage and Drawing Combined with Minna Gilligan Online Zoom Workshop

Minna Gilligan, ‘Someday Soon’, 2012

Join artist Minna Gilligan to create your own hybrid collage work. In Gilligan’s style, participants will first work using drawing to create a ‘ground’ for their collage to sit on top of. Colour and abstract mark making will set the scene for their eventual cut-out narrative. Then, participants will spend time cutting out imagery from books and magazines. Gilligan will discuss usage of these images, tips and tricks she’s gathered from 10+ years of working with collage, and composition techniques.

1 session available, September 22nd, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Electronic Music Online Zoom workshop

Learn how to make your own electronic music using free software Ableton Live. The workshop will involve a presentation on the basics of electronic music making using the digital audio workstation Ableton Live, which participants will then use to explore making their own electronic music.

Participants will need to bring their own headphones and laptops, with Ableton Live installed in preparation for the workshop. A free version of Ableton Live is available for download here, please take note of the expiry date! Ableton Live Free

1 session available, September 8th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Wayapawarr Watnanda Marangee Weaving Workshop
with Aunty Bronwyn Razem

This workshop is run by Wayapawarr Watnanda Marangee 

Aunty Bronwyn is one of the fabulous First Nations weavers of the Wayapawarr Watnanda Marangee project—our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite everyone to engage their hands and hearts, and be part of creating a giant tapestry of woven circles to show our resilience, feel empowered and bring about personal transformation in this time of insecurity and anxiety.

Wayapawarr Watnanda Marangee means ‘we all come together in a meeting’, in Gunditjmara language. Although we cannot come together physically, our project joins community members across all ages, genders and abilities who find themselves in self-isolation, via the ancient art of weaving. Our project invites you to learn a traditional weaving technique, weave circular ‘meeting places’ and decorate public spaces with your woven creations.

Participants will require basic tools and materials for this workshop, information on these will be shared with you after registering your attendance.

1 session available, August 24th. Register here.

Drawing Plants with Andrew Seward Online Zoom workshop

Join artist Andrew Seward as he teaches helpful tips and tricks for drawing plants from home. You’ll just need some drawing implements — coloured or led pencils and pens will do — and a plant! All skill levels are welcome, no prior experience required.

1 session available, July 28th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.

Loosening Up: Abstract Drawing with Minna Gilligan Online Zoom workshop

Minna Gilligan, ‘Sweet dreams ’till sunbeams find you,’ 2020 Marker, ballpoint pen and coloured pencil on paper. Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer Gallery.

The aim of the workshop will be to use colour and mark making to produce an abstract drawing. Minna will run participants through a series of warm up and ‘doodling’ exercises, discussing her drawing practice and the techniques she employs to create vibrant, colour-based works of art. Participants will then embark on creating their own abstract drawing, with guidance from Minna as they go.

1 session available, August 11th, 12.30 – 2pm. Register here.