Calling for responses in any discipline, including video, text, visual art, sound, performance, for upcoming virtual exhibition Erinys at the George Paton Gallery


All are invited to submit work in response to the first two chapters of the text
Small White Monkeys: On Self-expression, Self-help and Shame by Sophie Collins

‘During le plat principal my left bell sleeve slides through a rich sauce as I reach for my glass, but when I retract it the sauce slides right off. I bother the sleeve edge with my fingers for the rest of the evening.’

The Engine – Sophie Collins

Shame is a tightly woven thread that extends through the history of Feminism and into the present day. A large part of Cade Burgess’ curatorial research lies in the evolving role of Feminism and its value for people of all genders in contemporary society. The intent of Erinys is to explore the subjective nature and experience of shame and shamefulness.

Erinys will be accompanied by an extensive research project into the historic involvement of the George Paton Gallery in the Feminist and Women’s Art Movements, as well as a virtual discussion group for participants to share their thoughts on the text in a safe and respectful space.

Submission Details and Involvement:

Applicants are invited to submit work in response to themes of shame and Feminism as they relate to the first two chapters of the text small white monkeys: On Self Expression, Self-Help and Shame.

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small white monkeys: On Self-expression, Self-help, and Shame
Author: Sophie Collins

Published by Book Works in association with Glasgow Women’s Library