10 to 20 August

Opening event: Wednesday 11 August 5-7pm

Mudfest 2021: HOME
Curated by Stephanie Markerink

George Paton Gallery: Meezaan Dickinson, Ebony Hoiberg, Emily Lewis, Finn McGrath, Meredith Meisetschlaeger, Patrick O’Luanaigh, Lea Rose, Fiona Shewan, and Kitman Yeung
GPG Project Spaces: Pallavi Bharwani and Juliana Neild
Mary Cooke Rooms: Aeva Milos and Benjamin Perlmutter
South Lawn: Karen Spencer and Meredith Tyler
Rowden White Library: Weiting Chen and Nicola De Rosbo-Davies
Union Ground Floor Mural: Alicia Doddy and Tom Vale
Online: Akash Anil Nair
Graham Cornish Room B: Hannah Winspear-Schillings
Level 2 Union House: Victor Sun
Union House Basement: Joel Keith & Claire Sumerville
IDA Bar: Lea Rose
Southbank Library: Emily Simek


The saying goes that “Home is where the heart is” and while that is true for many, ‘Home’ has no uniform meaning. It brings joy, pain, the comfort of familiarity and carries the heavy heartedness of nostalgia. Mudfest 2021 has created a space for artists to express their ideas about home.