Rosanna Blacket, Freda Drakopoulos, Julien Comer-Kleine, Iona Mackenzie and Jacq Wylestone

Julien Comer-Kleine, Untitled, 2021

ReSceneUnseen is a group show by five artists who have recently graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts. The exhibitions had its first iteration, SceneUnseen, which was installed in the gallery space in March 2020 on the cusp of Covid-19 lockdowns. That exhibition was the outcome of these artist’s interest in extracting and revealing present, yet unseen forces in our surrounding social, constructed domestic and personal environments. This investigation proved to be profound in the subsequent global pandemic, adding a layer of complexity as work from this period of flux is perceived now through a lense changed by our collective and personal experiences. Through a diverse range of art practices the artists have sought  to expose the less tangible aspects of place and space that meld, react and influence our experience of being.

After spending the subsequent 12 months as a locked down exhibition these artists have re visited this time-capsule of their own work, that now emerges from stasis as ReSceneUnseen, an exhibition revised and resurrected from this most unusual recent history.

Iona Mackenzie’s installation accesses intangible spaces through tangible matter. Inspired by the way sentimental items such as passed-down keepsakes function as portals into the internalised spaces of the self and the psyche, Secret Compartments & Hidden Passages invokes and dissects relationships between self and space, between subject and object. Rosanna Blacket’s work delves into the University library where remaindered books are marked for destruction. In this act each author must balance those countless hours of research against the temporal and very small place each of us occupy in the vast web of humanity. This fragility, tested through lockdown, is gently augmented to acknowledge the loss and broaden the inclusion. Jacq Wylestone presents oil paintings produced in several intense minutes while walking the university campus lanes and streets in the lead up to O-Week 2020, a time when the university population grows in number with excitement and activity. Jacq’s process utilizes oil paint which is applied directly by hand to a panel that acts as palette and work surface. Engaging with the body’s unseen sensory system, Jacq exposes an unusual figurative image; one that is produced as an intuitive outpouring of real time experience. Julien Comer-Kleine’s work explores the inherent ecologies of forces within materials. Using diverse methods to record and activate these materials, he seeks ways to form an autonomous voice capable of engaging in a dialogue within itself and its surrounds. Freda Drakopoulos presents an aftermath of ritual. A representation of self and other, through the private and the public:

I will meet you again.
On another star, under a different sky. Between different seas. Under a new moon.
After the eclipse of the final sun.

These whispers and memories work together so that each component within ReSceneUnseen adds its own voice to the dialogue, offering breadth in the undercurrent of readings.